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Subject on This Issue:
* Steels & Properties
* Heat Treatment



TPP is an information center dedicated by a group of professionals including experienced engineers, metallurgist and doctors to promote technology, products and processes surrounding us. The center would foster an environment for free information change and nurture a quality conscious and thinking teamwork.

In order to catch up the pace of scientific and technological change and sustain in the knowledge-based economy, we have to be an active participant, keep abreast with the new technology, new products and new process, and at same time play a part and make our contribution to our society. We trust and care for each other, and work together for our common goals.

We are committed to continuously improving our performance through your valuable feedback. It is not just a broadcast session from us but also a platform for us to share each other so that collectively we can move the center in the right direction where we can make an impact.

The center’s vision is to be acknowledged as the best in our areas in the region in providing quality information on technology, products and processes to anyone who is interested in it.

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